Roquette will take part in CFIE

3 March 2016

CFIA food exhibition event will take place in Rennes on 8-10 March 2016. CFIA (carrefour des fournisseurs de l'industrie agroalimentaire) is to be translated from French as «cross-road for food industry suppliers». The event will celebrate 20th edition in 2016. The exhibition has been growing from 360 exhibitors located on the square of 10 000 sq.m. in 1997 to 1300 suppliers occupying 40 000 sq.m. today.

Roquette company being the expert in healthy nutrition will be represented at the event at Hall 8 Stand D8. A selection of functional and nutritional ingredients of nature origin used in innovative applications will be presented by the company.

hamburger_2.jpgVisitors will be able to discover a new natural ingredient – texturized protein NUTRALYS® T70S. In 2015 at Food Ingredients Europe event the product was honored Innovation Award in the «Savory/Meat» category ( This new ingredient application guarantees a unique fibrous texture for the final product and can be used in production of several meat products (for example, burger, chicken filet, sausage).

ketchup_2.jpgVisitors will also be able to explore the range of plant-based proteins derived from peas and wheat at Roquette stand. For example  NUTRALYS® BF, an ingredient designed to provide protein enrichment to cereal products. A protein-enriched cereal bar, low in sugar and rich in fibers, will be offered for taste-testing. Also visitors will be able to discover a «clean» functional starch, ROQUETTE STARCH FC10, used for example in ketchup production to provide a smooth texture and a remarkable gustatory quality for the final product.