Ranges of GDL application GDL in food industry

16 August 2018

Glucono deltalactone is a phrase that is not always habitual even for professional technologists in food industry. Its abbreviated name on labels of products is used much more often. E575 has densely intruded into a number of food technologies without which production of the final product would become more expensive and unprofitable. Which bonuses does this additive have?

The spectrum of GDL application

It is extremely wide. E575 is a result of starch processing naturally occurs in a number of natural products: honey, malt, wine, etc. Such a potential opens set of options of its application for safe optimization of food technologies in a number of spheres.


  • Dairy products
  • Bakery products
  • Meat products

These are not all methods of application of GDL, but even when studying its advantages the avail from inclusion of E575 in technological process becomes obvious.

Dairy products

Glucono deltalactone acts as a catalyst of coagulation of protein. The catalyst that is extremely powerful. In some cases technical process is reduced in 8 and even 12 times.


For example milk setting accelerates from 6-8 to 1-1,5 without changing the environment of processing. Increase in output of finished goods up to 10 percent becomes an additional advantage.

Indicators of fermented milk products are much better. Inoculum takes effect in a period of 1-1,5 hour instead of habitual 10-12. Moreover the shelf life of finished product becomes longer.

Bake goods

In baking GDL carries out a baking powder role. Slow hydrolysis of GDL at the room temperature and lower one and acceleration of hydrolysis with temperature increase makes GDL to be an excellent source of acid.


The small amount of acid is produced during the dough that leads to some loss of CO2 at a dough process stage. Temperatures of cooling and freezing influence adversely normal bakery yeast. That is why GDL is often the baking powder chosen for products of the refrigerated or frozen dough. The other problem typical for the refrigerated dough is discoloration and darkening of dough upon storage during the certain period of time. Use of acidifying agent such as GDL can help to prevent darkening and discoloration of the dough during the storage in the refrigerator.

GDL is also a popular natural ingredient to prevent undesirable growth of pathogenic microflora. Safety of product can be ensured by control of temperature, water activity and рН. GDL is used for decrease of рН and, thus, slows down the growth of pathogenic microflora in bakery products.

This additive is popular in use for pizza dough.

Meat products

The use of GDL in meat industry as well as in other industries positively affects reduction of time of technological process without quality deviation.


Raw smoked deli meat ages much quicker, at the same time we completely control the process as use of GDL gives the chance to time maturing and the received structure of a product in advance. The result is always standardized that allows the technologist not to worry about the instability of quality of produced product line.


Glucono deltalactone by right carries the title of universal nutritional supplement. Its main advantage is the considerable reduction of time of production, standardization of quality of products and increase in output of final volume of product.