More fibre means more efficiency!

22 November 2018

granola-bar.pngModern consumers aspire to adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition, moreover they also place great demands on taste and convenience of the use of products. Invisible, safe, stable and prebiotic food ingredient such as soluble NUTRIOSE® fibre are capable to meet this demand.

Ensuring the recommended norms of food fibre is a difficult task nowadays. Even the most balanced meal has deficiency in cellulose. The recommended level of consumption of food fibre in Russia is not less than 30 g a day while the real consumption is only about 15 g.

Processing of the soluble NUTRIOSE® fibre which have excellent digestive tolerance can provide achievement of optimum cellulose recommended level for normal digestion and general well-being. Producers of cereal products can enrich their recipes with fibre and display claims such as «the source of fibre» or «high-fibre».

Ease of use of NUTRIOSE® fibre, for example, in production of bakery products, is caused by the fact that they can be easily incorporated in liquid, powder or solid formulations at any stage of technological process.

pechene_sladkoe3.jpg Besides their beneficial influence on the glycemic response has been recently recognized by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Excellent processing stability of soluble NUTRIOSE® fibre allows using them effectively in various products made on the basis of cereals, such as cookies, confectionery, bread, cereals snacks and etc.