Maltodextrin and secret of its popularity

17 April 2018

After seeing the unfamiliar term on packing of product the ordinary consumer is vary of it. Everything that differs in writing from the words "glucose" or "starch" is often perceived as something artificial and unhealthy.

In this article factors of popularity of maltodextrin in food industry and possibility of enhancing the attractiveness of its name on the label for the consumer will be considered.


Quicker than glucose

At the high glycemic index (reaching to 135) maltodextrin surely competes with glucose on absorption speed by human body. In other words this is the fast carbohydrate having the following qualities:

  • Good comprehensibility
  • Doesn't cause habituation to sweet taste
  • Volumetric filler
  • The ability to keep aroma of product

The first 2 points of the list are actively used by producers of sports food. Rare proteinaceous and carbohydrate mix (a geyner for a set of muscle bulk) doesn't contain maltodextrin in the structure.

Use of maltodextrin in sports additives can be presented advantageously in food products slogans in It Is Approved by Athletes style "It helps to become the first", etc.


Fully natural product

It is more difficult to strip away the myth about natural origin of maltodextrin in conscience of the consumer but there won’t be any deception in it. Starch is upstream material for receiving substance. Corn starch is used most often but maltodextrin can be received from any starch: potato, wheat, pea and etc.

Advantages of use

It is often said that basic purpose of maltodextrin in food production is пкуфе increase in weight, volume and nutritional value of the final product. This is also true. It is impossible to name goods dietary with presence of maltodextrin.

But there is a number other advantages both for the produce and the end user.

  • Convenient and available volumetric filler for any final product
  • Reduction of sweet of production
  • Keeping aroma of production throughout long periods of storage

Advantages for the consumer are the following:

  • Well usvoyaemy source of carbohydrates
  • Doesn't cause accustoming to sweet taste


Equally useful component for producers and consumers is behind the difficult name. The last need to show correctly only its advantages and to dissuade about artificiality of origin.