More fibre means more efficiency!
22 November 2018

Modern consumers aspire to adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition, moreover they also place great demands on taste and convenience of the use of products.

Native starches types and their application
2 October 2018

The starch is the most popular food additive. One can hardly imagine some food production industries being able to work without this ingredient. The end consumer is familiar with the starch mostly as viscosity increasing agent but professionals are aware of other properties and peculiarities of the starches.

Ranges of GDL application GDL in food industry
16 August 2018

Glucono deltalactone is a phrase that is not always habitual even for professional technologists in food industry. Its abbreviated name on labels of products is used much more often. E575 has densely intruded into a number of food technologies without which production of the final product would become more expensive and unprofitable. Which bonuses does this additive have?

Modified starch – the reasons it’s not harmful
11 June 2018

Unfortunately the notion “modified” is associated with genetic modification (GMO) in consumer’s mind. Mass media also regularly contributes misperception of the consumer in his attempts to understand label content.